When last we left our heroine, an out-of-print paperback, and back issues of TransSisters:  A Journal of Transsexual Feminism, were the only public places where I spoke of my life, ideas and misadventures as a transsexual lesbian feminist.


I changed that in July 2011, with a new edition of Mirrors.  It has a new introduction, in which I blow up the conceit of the “as told to” thing and explain the personal safety issues that prompted it.  With so much resource material now on the Web, I’ve replaced the appendices with a new work of lesbian/feminist analysis, “Fear and Loathing in Westwood.”  It’s about the 1973 West Coast Lesbian Conference debacle at UCLA, and what that meant for the freedom of women to simply love women and create a culture to support that.


It’s available at a CreateSpace store and on,, and  And now, I’m working on stirring up an international incident.




On August 1, 2011, two lesbian lawyers, Cathy Brennan and Elizabeth Hungerford, filed a petition with the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (“UN Women”) in response to a call for reports of human rights violations against women.  Submitted on the last day of the submission period, the Brennan petition requested that U.S. gender identity anti-discrimination laws be declared a human rights violation. This assertion was based not on any actual rights violations (as required by the submission guidelines) but on the theory that harm could come to “females” because of these laws.  By “females,” Brennan and Hungerford mean cissexual women who are currently fertile and capable of giving birth, as the potential harm they reference is involuntary pregnancy.


Oddly enough (or perhaps not ...), Brennan and Hungerford also express concern that these anti-discrimination laws could result in “male influence” on lesbian communities.


On August 13, 2011, I filed a response and rebuttal to the Brennan petition with UN Women.  Mercedes Allen, that really cool Alberta blogger and trans resource gal, has posted copies as guest posts at The Bilerico Project and at her own blog, Dented Blue Mercedes.  (The heading above links to it also.)  It’s the equivalent of a legal memorandum that analyzes, and exposes the faults of, this slipshod document.


Game on ...


Beth Elliott a/k/a Geri Nettick a/k/a Mustang Sally